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Valery Lidin names United Russia party primaries winners in Penza region

12:00 | 25.05.2016 | Politics


Penza, 25 May 2016. PenzaNews. Valery Lidin, secretary for the Penza branch of the United Russia party, chairman of the regional primaries committee, has announced the results of the party primaries during the meeting on Wednesday, May 25.

Valery Lidin names United Russia party primaries winners in Penza region

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According to him, the top-voted candidates in the Penza federal electoral district are: Anna Kuznetsova, president of the charity foundation in support of family, motherhood and childhood “Pokrov” (65.1%); Ivan Filyurin, chairman of the regional Agricultural Producers Federation (60.8%); and Victor Kondrashin, member of the Federation Council (58%).

At the same time, the highest votes for the Penza single-mandate electoral district No. 146 were given to: Sergei Yesyakov, State Duma deputy (67%); Sergei Kazakov, artistic director of the Penza Lunacharsky Drama Theater, deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly (44.9%); and Ivan Krasnov, deputy chairman of the Penza Duma (43.9%).

The leaders of the vote in the Lermontovo single-mandate electoral district No. 147 are: Anna Kuznetsova (66.1%); Victor Kondrashin (58.9%); and Lyudmila Glukhova, Penza region Legislative Assembly deputy (50.5%).

“May 22 showed us that people take very high interest in this procedure, and this is the best answer to the questions about our primaries. I believe that the United Russia was right to ask the people to choose their candidates,” Valery Lidin pointed out.

The primaries vote in the region completed with no incidents, he stressed.

The final decision to promote the most-voted primaries candidates to the State Duma election will be announced during the second stage of the 15th United Russia convention in Moscow that will take place in June, says the region party branch press service.

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