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25 May 2016

Penza man pays alimony debt for 11 years after getting driving license suspended

25.05.16 15:21 | Society

A Penza region citizen has paid 11 years worth of alimony after he was informed that his driving license had been suspended.

Nadezhda Evstyukhina among 14 Russians caught on drug tests after 2008 Olympics

25.05.16 15:11 | Sport

Nadezhda Evstyukhina, member of the Russian weightlifting team for Moscow and the Penza region, member of the 14-men national team for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, tested positive for the IOC repeated drug tests, according to the federal media.

Valery Lidin names United Russia party primaries winners in Penza region

25.05.16 12:00 | Politics

Valery Lidin, secretary for the Penza branch of the United Russia party, chairman of the regional primaries committee, has announced the results of the party primaries during the meeting on Wednesday, May 25.

Young Penza driver falls victim to fraudster trying to buy Land Cruiser

25.05.16 11:45 | Crime

A 21-year-old man fell victim to a fraudster in an attempt to buy a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 online in Penza.

Police seizes spice from car parked on Krasnova street in Penza while driver sleeps

25.05.16 11:30 | Crime

A private security force has seized a batch of suspicious material from a Russia-made car whose driver fell asleep behind the wheel on Krasnova street in Penza: the material ended up being a spice illegal drug.

Investigators: Woman who jumped from 8th apt building floor afflicted with metal illness

25.05.16 10:50 | Incidents

The 34-year-old woman who was found dead by a Borodina street apartment building in Penza with falling injuries had been suffering from a mental illness, Lyudmila Fomina, senior assistant of the head of the regional Investigative Committee for media relations, told PenzaNews.

Interior Ministry: Woman who fell from 8th floor in Penza mentioned suicide several times

25.05.16 10:36 | Incidents

The woman born in 1981 who fell from the window of an 8th floor landing platform in a Borodina street apartment building in Penza mentioned suicidal intentions several times, Elena Fedoskina, deputy head of the information and public relations department of the Penza region ...

Mordovia FSB law enforcement personnel win Penza sharpshooting competition

25.05.16 10:20 | Sport

The Mordovia FSB law enforcement personnel has won the Volga Federal District handgun sharpshooting competition for the security agencies held in the Penza region on Tuesday, May 24.

Alexander Voronkov congratulates Penza school graduates

25.05.16 09:36 | Society

The Penza region Education Minister Alexander Voronkov has congratulated the school graduates with their final day as school students.

One year since Ivan Belozertsev heads Penza region

25.05.16 08:05 | Politics

Exactly one year ago, the Russian President Vladimir Putin personally appointed Ivan Belozertsev, the then head of the regional Legislative Assembly, the acting head of the Penza region. He replaced Vasily Bochkarev, who had been heading the region since 1998 .

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