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Oleynik touched by interview with Krivov in “Penzenskaya pravda”

12:50 | 12.11.2016 | Politics


Penza, 12 November 2016. PenzaNews. The assistant chief medical officer at the Penza dedicated clinical medical assistance centre, an expert in the field of HIV/AIDS fight Sergei Oleynik shared his impressions about the interview with the assistant governor – the head of the Sevastopol government Yuri Krivov, published in the “Penzenskaya pravda” newspaper under the title “I will serve right and will be back!”

Oleynik touched by interview with Krivov in “Penzenskaya pravda”

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“I have read the interview with the Sevastopol vice-governor Y.I. Krivov (used to occupy different positions in the Penza region) in the ‘Penzenskaya pravda’ and was touched by his thoughts of the governing process as of ‘the work aimed at the result of communication organization’. Formally, it seems correct but in reality…” Sergei Oleynik wrote in his blog in “Live Journal” on Saturday, November 12.

He added that he remembered Yuri Krivov as “the official worried more about process than about result”.

“Moreover, his work ‘for process’ was always glamorously attractive with its theoretical explanations which were taken as scientifically proved. And of course, his PR-company was well-organized,” the expert noted.

Sergei Oleynik was critical about Yuri Krivov’s claimants about the paramount task of correct state programme for the 2017 year development and about the “eternal problem” – non-efficient procedure realization which leads to “failure in funds spending and failure in achieving the needed result”.

“This is the essence of a state official who sincerely believes that in order to achieve a result one must first of all spend the funds. And before – obtain them,” the assistant chief medical officer at the Penza dedicated clinical medical assistance centre emphasized.

He expressed his opinion that nowadays among the officials there are only a few good  ones who are aimed at a particular result.

Thinking about the consequences it may lead to, Sergei Oleynik said about high amount of HIV-infected people in the regions because of the lack of prophylactic programmes or their low-quality realization among drug-addicts.

“Those drug-addicts who were lucky not to get infected last year, are getting infected this year. It happens because the work which had been conducted in Penza for 15 years was stopped. Because of such officials as Y.I. Krivov, let God give him luck in Sevastopol,” he wrote.

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