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12 November 2016

“Mister Universe” Aleksey Netesanov arrested in Penza

12.11.16 19:45 | Sport

A famous bodybuilder, “Mister Universe 2009” Aleksey Netesanov was arrested for two months according to the decision of the Penza Leninsky city area court.

“Flagman” offered to dismantle illegal “Tochka Appetita” kiosks in Penza

12.11.16 14:57 | Economy

The situation with the “Tochka Appetita” kiosks became the main topic under discussion during the meeting between the Penza mayor Victor Kuvaytsev and representatives of the LLC “Flagman” held in the city administration office on Saturday, November 12.

In Penza trustful retired woman transfers 55,000 rubles to fraudster

12.11.16 14:07 | Crime

65-year-old Penza resident lost 55,000 rubles having been cheated by a telephone swindler.

Victor Tyukankin becomes member of new presidium of Russian Swimming Federation

12.11.16 13:53 | Sport

The executive director of the Regional Swimming Federation Victor Tyukankin became a member of the new presidium of the Russian Swimming Federation.

Oleynik touched by interview with Krivov in “Penzenskaya pravda”

12.11.16 12:50 | Politics

The assistant chief medical officer at the Penza dedicated clinical medical assistance centre, an expert in the field of HIV/AIDS fight Sergei Oleynik shared his impressions about the interview with the assistant governor – the head of the Sevastopol government Yuri Krivov, published in the “Penzenskaya pravda” ...

New season of “PROdvizhenie” project starts in Penza

12.11.16 11:47 | Education

A new season of the municipal cluster project “PROdvizhenie” was started during the event held at the Yanichkin children’s art school.

Penza region in top-40 regions by volume of second-hand car market

12.11.16 11:00 | Economy

The Penza region occupies the 38th position in the rating of Russian regions by volume of second-hand car market created by the analytical agency “Avtostat” for January-September, 2016.

Kuznetsk eparchy and mayor’s office to unite their efforts in field of charity

12.11.16 10:27 | Society

The mayor of Kuznetsk Sergei Zlatogorsky and bishop Nestor met on Friday, November 11, to come to an agreement on common charity projects realization aimed to help large families and people who found themselves in a hard life situation.

New trade pavilions replace old kiosks at fair in Ternovka

12.11.16 09:52 | Economy

13 new trade pavilions of similar type substituted old trade objects at a seasonal fair located on Ternovskogo street in Penza.

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