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Penza government does not get into top-50 in information openness rating for 2016

10:36 | 18.01.2017 | Politics


Penza, 18 January 2017. PenzaNews. The government of the Penza region occupies the 69th position in the rating of openness among websites of the supreme bodies of the Russian Federation constituent entities state power for 2016, prepared by the “Infometer” research centre.

Penza government does not get into top-50 in information openness rating for 2016

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Only two regions managed to obtain complete openness: the Rostov region and Khanty-Mansiisk – Yugra autonomous district.

The Tomsk region administration also entered the top-3 with the rate of 98%.

The rating compilers analyzed websites of governments and administrations of the regions according to 214 parameters, which were united in several blocks: "General information", "Contacts", "Regulatory legal and other acts", "Planning and reporting", "Current activity", "Work with messages, reception of citizens", "Personnel matters, civil service", "Anti-corruption activity", "Website operation", "Services", "Procurement", and "Online services".

After that, the analysts assessed the information in percentage, 100% meant complete compliance with the requirements. Then, experts gave their recommendations.

During the period from November 15 to December 9, all participants of the inspection could receive free consultation on information openness.

After the work was done, the rating for the year 2016 was created.

According to the submitted data, the information openness of the website of the Penza region government was estimated at 37%, while the national average is 54.5%.

As it can be seen from the rating, the blocks on general information and contacts are almost fully completed – 80%. It is also possible to get much information on state services – 61% completed, leaders – 61%, civil service – 47%, and corruption fight – 46%.

The experts estimated the availability of information on official events at 41%, on reception of citizens and messages – at 26%, on organization departments – at 16%, on meetings – at 13%, on regulatory legal acts – at 9%.

The information openness of four blocks of the Penza government website is estimated at 0%. These are procurement, urban planning, subordinate organizations and state programmes.

"In the case of the Penza region government, the information on urban planning, procurement, subordinate organizations and state programmes is not available on the website, that is why these categories were estimated at 0%," the press service of the research centre "Infometer" told PenzaNews.

The organization drew attention to the fact that all regions had an opportunity to increase the results of the assessment after 3-weeks’ consultation with the experts.

"However, representatives of the Penza region did not participate in this work," the press-service emphasized.

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