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18 January 2017

Cars that cross into oncoming traffic cause 80 deaths in Penza roads

18.01.17 17:10 | Incidents

80 people died in traffic accidents in the Penza region in 2016 because of the cars that cross into oncoming traffic. This was reported by the propaganda department of the traffic police of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Rating: Valery Lidin significantly increased his media activity in 2016

18.01.17 15:23 | Politics

The chairman of the Legislative Assembly, the leader of the regional office of the United Russia party Valery Lidin occupies the 39th position in the media rating of the heads of constituent entities legislature for the year 2016, gaining 15 positions. This follows from the ...

Series of thefts from adolescent girls disclosed in Penza

18.01.17 11:05 | Crime

Police officers established the identity of young men suspected of committing thefts from girls in the streets of Penza.

Penza government does not get into top-50 in information openness rating for 2016

18.01.17 10:36 | Politics

The government of the Penza region occupies the 69th position in the rating of openness among websites of the supreme bodies of the Russian Federation constituent entities state power for 2016, prepared by the “Infometer” research centre.

Officials decide to ask Penza residents how to increase birth rate

18.01.17 10:00 | Society

The Ministry of Health of the Penza region initiated an online survey among residents on the issue of demography.

Number of quotas for oncology patients’ treatment increased in Penza region

18.01.17 09:05 | Medicine

The number of quotas for oncology patients’ treatment was increased in the Penza region in 2017, as compared with the previous year. This was reported by the chief doctor of the Penza regional oncology dispensary Vitaly Serebryakov.

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