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In Penza civic activist asks Ivan Belozertsev to resign

21:30 | 04.07.2017 | Politics


Penza, 4 July 2017. PenzaNews. The member of the initiative group "For responsible power" Alexander Frolenkov, former election candidate for the party “CHESTNO” who was left out of the election campaign after failing to provide any deputy signatures in his support, claimed that on July 4 he submitted an address to the head of the region Ivan Belozertsev with a request to resign.

In Penza civic activist asks Ivan Belozertsev to resign

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"Soon, it will be two years since you have officially taken up the post of my native region's governor, but in fact, you have ruled over two years by now. At that time, your candidacy was endorsed in Moscow, even though as far as I remember the president did not receive you. Still, you managed to get an approval of the Presidential Administration at the elections. [...] For two years, I have attentively watched you governing the region and, to tell the truth, I can see that your government brought improvements neither to the economy, nor to the level of people's life in the region. Positive but delusive figures of the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation can present interest to the officials but not to my fellow citizens who are anxious about prices for food. Industry of the region is in the deepest crisis and no steps to bring it out of the crisis are being made. Your business trips abroad in search of alleged 'happiness' for the region only make people irritated," Alexander Frolenkov wrote on the social network Facebook on Tuesday, July 4.

According to the civic activist, the last straw that made him write the address was the governor's team treatment of riding horses at the stud farm "Zavivalovsky".

"The only person who fights for preservation and rescue of the unique and only breed is a frail woman who still believes that she can save the horses with your assistance. On the one hand, you give orders to your subordinates having only good intentions, on the other hand, there is no result. The main issue arises: are you unable to solve the issue worth 8.5 million rubles? Or maybe your orders are ignored by the subordinates? Of course, both variants are possible at the same time, but then, Mr. Governor, I am asking you to resign from the post of Penza region governor. You fail to deal with your responsibilities. It is becoming hard to live in the region under your rule!" Alexander Frolenkov's message states.

"Your family has a funeral business, you will not die of starvation because your ruling the region has created a rather large and long-lasting 'market niche'. It will last for your time. Please submit your resignation! Let my fellow citizens choose a more worthy governor," the message adds.

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