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4 July 2017

In Penza civic activist asks Ivan Belozertsev to resign

04.07.17 21:30 | Politics

The member of the initiative group "For responsible power" Alexander Frolenkov, former election candidate for the party “CHESTNO” who was left out of the election campaign after failing to provide any deputy signatures in his support, claimed that on July 4 he submitted an address to the head of the region Ivan ...

Protest aimed at saving 40 horses held near Penza government

04.07.17 20:42 | Society

A one-person protest aimed at preventing death of horses that used to belong to the breeding stud farm "Zavivalovsky" was held under the windows of the Penza regional government on Tuesday, July 4.

Since beginning of year Penza Rospotrebnadzor detects 23 websites trading in alcohol

04.07.17 16:18 | Society

23 websites containing offers for sale of alcohol products remotely were detected by the Penza regional Rospotrebnadzor department since the beginning of 2017. This was reported by the head of the regional department Mikhail Perekusikhin.

105 people die in Penza region from alcohol intoxication

04.07.17 16:00 | Society

105 cases of intoxication caused by alcohol containing products that resulted in a fatal outcome were registered in the Penza region in the first six months of the year 2017. This was reported by the head of the local Rospotrebnadzor department Mikhail Perekusikhin.

Penza mayor criticizes work on maintenance of forests

04.07.17 14:25 | Society

The head of the Penza administration Victor Kuvaytsev criticized work of the Tolyatti company "Svoboda", which became the winner of the contest for urban forests maintenance.

Over 220 new cases of HIV infection registered in Penza region from beginning of year

04.07.17 12:41 | Society

221 new cases of HIV-infection were registered in the Penza region in the first five months of 2017. This was announced at the statement posted on the website of the regional Rospotrebnadzor department on Tuesday, July 4.

Seldon.Basis: Founder of the news agency PenzaNews has a high financial stability

04.07.17 11:44 | Economy

The company "VolgaInterMedia", which is the founder of the independent news agency PenzaNews, has a high financial stability and reliability. This is evidenced by data provided by the information-analytical system Seldon.Basis .

Contractors for yard improvement to be identified in Penza until end of July

04.07.17 09:50 | Communal Services

Tendering procedures for selection of contractors that will carry out works on yard improvement within the framework of the project "Formation of modern urban environment of the Penza municipality for 2017" will be held during July.

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