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Another illegal building by Father Rafail’s religious cell to be demolished by Penza

13:05 | 12.05.2016 | Religion


Penza, 12 May 2016. PenzaNews. The demolition of an illegally erected building constructed by the so-called Mikhaylovskaya religious cell – a pseudo-Orthodox sect – for religious purposes began in Ivanovka village in the Penza area of the Penza region on Thursday, May 12.

Another illegal building by Father Rafail’s religious cell to be demolished by Penza

Photo: R58.fssprus.ru

The court bailiffs received the instruction to begin the demolition of the wooden building in early March.

“We attempted to compel them to demolish the building voluntarily for two months, with frequent fines. However, they did not follow through with the court decision,” the head of the court bailiffs special orders office for the Penza region Federal Court Bailiffs department Vera Artemova told PenzaNews.

The defendant in the case is Alexander Zhukov, who calls himself Father Rafail, she pointed out.

“We found a subcontractor and began the enforced demolition procedure,” she explained.

Reportedly, the subcontractor will complete the demolition of a cult-built building within two weeks.

As Penzanews reported earlier, in April 2015, the court ordered to demolish the religious buildings erected in the area of former Pobeda village – now Penza city territory – where the Mikhaylovskaya religious cell used to exist. The order was executed forcefully.

Moreover, another building illegally erected by the pseudo-Orthodox religious group in Pobeda had been demolished in June 2015.

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