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Foundation stone for Monument to the Fallen in Local Wars laid in Penza

19:31 | 12.06.2012 | Society


Penza, 12 June 2012. PenzaNews. The foundation stone at the construction site of the Monument to the Fallen in Local Wars which will be built in return for the lost monument in the park near culture center named after F. Dzerzhinsky, was laid near the monument “Razorvannaya Zvezda” (Torn Star) in Prospect Pobedy Street on Tuesday, June 12.

Foundation stone for Monument to the Fallen in Local Wars laid in Penza

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According to Vladimir Holzinev, chairman of the Penza regional organization “Russian Union of Veterans of Afghanistan,” the monument near the culture center was made of concrete and eventually fell into disrepair, and then was simply destroyed.

“Along with it, a particle of memory was destroyed, the decade of war was erased from the memory of our citizens. Brothers in arms who fought in other countries and in other republics in the Soviet Union and Russia have a right to gather here, near the Torn Star which resembles our souls,” said Vladimir Holzinev.

In turn, Oleg Shibaev, chairman of regional branch of the interregional public organization of veterans of the Airborne and Special Forces “Soyuz Desantnikov” (Troopers’ Union), suggested that this measure eliminated the extreme injustice that had existed in Penza.

“Memory of those who gave their lives for their country, no matter where – in Mozambique, Ethiopia, Korea, Chechnya or South Ossetia, is not eternalized. Today we are laying a memorial stone in the hope that soon the monument will be installed,” said Oleg Shibaev.

He added that the location for the monument had not been chosen by chance.

The park near the Torn Star monument is a gathering place not only of soldiers-internationalists who fought in Afghanistan, but other combat veterans as well,” he concluded.

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