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Penza specialists plan presenting new robotics equipment in month

12:54 | 26.11.2014 | Society


Penza, 26 November 2014. PenzaNews. Penza specialists will be ready to present their own robotics equipment and prepare it for mass production in a motnh, said head of the youth innovation center “NanoElectroLab” Denis Timerbaev during a meeting with the Penza region governor Vasily Bochkarev.

“The main feature of our product is that the users create content on their own for their aims and tasks,” he noted.

As the press service of the Penza region government informed PenzaNews agency, the head of the region ordered to present the new project until the end of 2014 and demonstrate their achievements during the school robotics competition, where he plans to invite representatives of suppliers and relevant producers from other parts of the RF.

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