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Case on recognition of Vladimir Kvachkov's book as extremist material underway in Penza

16:22 | 26.11.2014 | Society


Penza, 26 November 2014. PenzaNews. Preparation for the consideration of the case for recognition of book “Who rules Russia?” as an extremist material continues in Leninsky district court of Penza. The book is written by Vladimir Kvachkov, a retired military intelligence colonel who is currently serving his sentence in one of penal colonies of Mordovia for attempted coup d'etat.

Case on recognition of Vladimir Kvachkov's book as extremist material underway in Penza

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On Wednesday, November 26, his wife Nadezhda Kvachkova arrived to Penza for an interview with the judge Tatyana Chernenok.

“We have not yet worked out our position because have not seen the case,” she told PenzaNews agency.

According to Nadezhda Kvachkova, she plans to ask for her husband to be present at the proceedings in Penza or participate in the process using telecommunications services.

Answering the question about the main topic of the book in question, Nadezhda Kvachkova said it is “about today's ruling group in Russia.”

“There are people from Moscow here who came to support me, [...] there were people here – I intend to make one of them our representative in court,” the agency interlocutor explained.

Before the beginning of the interview in Leninsky district court, two representatives of officially unregistered public movement “Sursky Union” to support Nadezhda Kvachkova: Alexei Pimanov and Alexander Shipanov [who is currently fighting in court in a criminal case under Art. 282 of the Criminal Code], as well as Alexander Frolenkov, deputy general director of Compass Finance LLC, who applied for mayor in July 2014.

According to the information available to PenzaNews agency, a request to recognize Vladimir Kvachkov's book “Who rules Russia?” as an extremist material was sent by Evgeny Zudikhin, Leninsky district court prosecutor of Penza, counselor of justice, in October 2014.

It says that in April this year, in “Bukinist” store, the regional department of the FSB of Russia found the book “Who rules Russia?” issued by Publishing house Algoritm LLC printed in the amount of two thousand copies by Tver printing complex JSC on order No. 1720.

According to the findings of complex psychological and linguistic research conducted by Penza forensic laboratories of Russian Ministry of Justice, the text contains words, expressions and statements with negative connotation that are aimed against a group of persons of a particular nationality, origin; as well as signs of urge to seize the building of law enforcement agencies, the media, communications, energy facilities, water supply and sewerage, gas distribution network, and block military units.

As the head of the bookstore explained, based on the invoice from September 19, 2013 two books by Vladimir Kvachkov “Who rules Russia?” came on sale with a price of 142.65 rubles.

According to the outlet, the book appeared in the store on March 19, 2014, and then on April 1 was sold to an unknown person.

According to the information available, during the preparation of the prosecution application to the court, Vladimir Kvachkov refused to comment on authorship and distribution of his book based on Art. 51 of the constitution of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Kvachkov was born on August 5, 1948 in Kraskino village, Khasan area, Primorsky Krai.

He is Soviet and Russian military man, public figure. GRU Colonel of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, retired.

Vladimir Kvachkov received wide publicity in 2005 after being charged with attempted assassination of Anatoly Chubais, head of RAO UES of Russia. A bomb was set off on the way of top manager's car, and the vehicles of the motocade were fired at. Anatoly Chubais was not injured.

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