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Exposition “Wonders and mysteries of northern seas” opened in “Penza” concert hall

18:55 | 23.01.2015 | Society


Penza, 23 January 2015. PenzaNews. International photo exposition “Wonders and mysteries of northern seas. From White to Greenland” opened in “Penza” concert hall lobby on Friday, January 23.

Exposition “Wonders and mysteries of northern seas” opened in “Penza” concert hall

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It presents the works of the famous underwater photographer from Moscow Olga Kamenskaya.

During the opening ceremony, Kirill Zastrozhny, deputy head of the Department of Culture and Archive of the Penza region, expressed his gratitude to the local branch of the Russian Geographical Society who helped organizing the event, and said the exposition has great social importance.

“All of us here, through the wonderful and talented works, can visit different places, and sometimes the most unexpected locations, or something very popular, but viewed from the inside. This is a entirely unique outlook. We, living here in Penza, get to know and discover new things. There are so many wonderful places and things in our country, and the desire to learn more is ever-growing,” he shared his impressions.

Kirill Zastrozhny also expressed confidence that the exposition will become popular.

“Thousands of Penza residents will come to see the exposition,” he said.

As PenzaNews agency reported earlier, the exposition is organized as a part of “Meridian 45” project. It will run until February 20.

The photos feature unconquerable rocky shores and large glaciers of Spitzbergen (Svalbard), endless ice fields, polar bears and whales of the Greenland sea, wondrous fjords and fantastic icebergs of Greenland, bright and colorful water worlds of White, Barents and Norway seas.

They were made during numerous underwater expeditions in White and Barents seas on the north of Russia, as well as Norway and Greenland seas and an arctic expedition from Spitzbergen to Greenland.

In 2013-2014, the exposition was presented in many museums of Russia: in Nizhny Novgorod, Prokopyevsk, Novokuznetsk, Yurga, Kemerovo, Kurgan, Ekaterinburg and more.

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