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Letters from the WWII front lines given to Penza Local Lore Museum

10:33 | 30.01.2015 | Society


Penza, 30 January 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza State Museum of Local Lore has received letters from the front lines of the Great Patriotic War [WWII] addressed to Maria Karpukhina, a defense industry factory worker, during the years of 1942 and 1943.

The soldiers writing these letters expressed their gratitude to the woman who supported them with mail packages with warm socks and food.

In particular, political commissar Roman Kiselev, born in Danilovka village of the Danilovka area in the Penza region [now Lopatino area], promised her “to hit Nazi cannibals without mercy,” protect his Motherland and return the happy and peaceful days, in the letter dated November 14 1942.

The letters were written on postal paper embossed with an artistic depiction of the battlefield. Some of them were written on pieces of paper folded in triangles, marked with the signature of the sender and stamped by the post and the Army Censorship Committee.

The gifts to the museum came from Svetlana Yeskina, the daughter of Maria Karpukhina.

“These letters are a priceless gift to our compatriots in the wake of the 70th anniversary of our Victory in the Great Patriotir War. They vividly depict the selfless spirit of Penza people and their readiness to defend their country, their patriotic feelings, and the simple wish to support the people on the front lines fighting for the Motherland,” the administration of the Penza State Museum of Local Lore commented for PenzaNews agency.

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