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30 January 2015

Vote recount at two polling stations in Penza district No. 7 scheduled for February 7-16

30.01.15 18:19 | Politics

The recount of votes at polling stations No. 32 and No. 33 in district No. 7, where the results of elections in Penza City Duma of the sixth convocation were canceled by the court, will be carried out by PECs during February 7-16, said Nikolai Taktarov, chairman of the Penza ...

Vladimir Volkov participated in reception organized by Russian Trade Mission in Germany

30.01.15 17:02 | Economy

Vladimir Volkov, acting first deputy chairman-minister of investment development and foreign economic affairs of the Penza region, attended the annual reception organized by the Russian Trade Mission in Germany together with the German company Wegweiser GmbH.

Igor Rudensky: Anti-recessionary plan of Russian government should be amended

30.01.15 14:37 | Economy

The State Duma deputy from the Penza region Igor Rudensky, “United Russia” member heading the Committee on Economic Policy, Innovation Development and Entrepreneurship in the lower house of Parliament, said the government of the Russian Federation should make ...

Italian university professor to hold lecture at PSU

30.01.15 11:40 | Society

Laura Guidolin, professor at the University of Padova, Italy, will hold a lecture at the Penza State University on Tuesday, February 3.

Penza to commemorate Stalingrad Battle heroes on February 2

30.01.15 10:49 | Society

Penza city will hold a series of events on Monday, February 2, to commemorate the victory of Soviet armed forces over the German Reich in the Battle of Stalingrad in 1943.

Letters from the WWII front lines given to Penza Local Lore Museum

30.01.15 10:33 | Society

The Penza State Museum of Local Lore has received letters from the front lines of the Great Patriotic War [WWII] addressed to Maria Karpukhina, a defense industry factory worker, during the years of 1942 and 1943.

Penza–Moscow train tickets to cost 839 rubles since Feb 2 through special deal

30.01.15 10:30 | Society

The Kuybyshevskaya railroad launches a new campaign titled “Economy Class Special” starting February 2. During it, the tickets for Penza–Moscow trains No. 51 and 53, as well as Moscow–Penza trains No. 52 and 94, will cost as low as 839 rubles.

Penza officials discussed city decorations

30.01.15 09:55 | Society

The working party on Penza city festive and light decoration development led by first vice-mayor Victor Gvozdev held its first session at the city administration on Thursday, January 29.

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