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Governor instructed Health Minister to hold Penza hospital head physicians shake-up

14:07 | 24.02.2015 | Society


Penza, 24 February 2015. PenzaNews. The governor of Penza region Vasily Bochkarev instructed the regional Minister of Health Vladimir Stryuchkov to hold rotation procedures for head physicians of city hospitals in the near future.

The governor of Penza region Vasily Bochkarev

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During a meeting session in the regional government on Tuesday, February 24, Vasily Bochkarev criticized the repair process of healthcare institutions.

“Head physicians do not follow my instructions, and neither do you. We have agreed that major repairs are necessary. But not even a single head physician has established a maintenance routine, that is, a process when we buy the required materials, and hire a team working over one hospital ward after another. Everyone expects to receive a lot of money, like in hospital No. 6 [the Penza Zakharyin city clinical emergency hospital]. We gave the money, but it was misused, the work was done badly. And he [the head physician] is all nice and pretty. The head physician is nice, and I am evil, the minister is evil too. I believe it is time to deal with the head doctor seriously, so to speak. And not only with him,” Vasily Bochkarev told Vladimir Stryuchkov.

The governor also expressed the idea that the ministers of health and finance should “practically live” in the hospital to personally monitor the spending efficiency.

“Somehow, the head doctors have houses two or three floors high, and so do you, but hospitals stay without repairs. And each of you own expensive cars. You had your ‘me time,’ now go work for hospitals. [...] Rotate the chief physicians. Is that even an issue? They have nestled in these hospitals, leeched on to them. Make a decision on the rotation of chief doctors,” the head of the region stressed.

In his turn, Vladimir Stryuchkov explained that the hospital management has carried out preparatory work for the organization of repair routine: compiled the estimate documentation, bought construction materials, and gathered building teams.

In response to that, Vasily Bochkarev asked Alexei Ryabov, first deputy chairman of the Penza region government, to present his point of view of the situation.

“Ryabov, what would you say about this? I am running of patience for you and Stryuchkov. Have the rotation done, because the chief physicians got used to their offices and do not go further. Transfer the chief doctors and they will be forced to walk around the new hospital wards, corridors, toilets and see it differently,” the governor added.

The head of the region also proposed to appoint supervisors from among the staff of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance of the region, who will monitor the situation in each health care facility of Penza.

According to Vasily Bochkarev, the Minister of Health of the Penza region must personally supervise the situation in the Zakharyin hospital.

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