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24 February 2015

Reduction of job vacancies registered in Penza region

24.02.15 17:41 | Economy

The number of job vacancies is reducing in the Penza region, while the overall situation in the labor market does not show any sharp changes, reported Elena Stolyarova, Minister of Labor, Social Protection and Demography of the region.

Penza governor instructed to create list of people in poverty

24.02.15 15:24 | Society

The governor of the Penza region Vasily Bochkarev instructed his subordinates to create a list of regional citizens living in poverty.

“Penzadieselmash” to lay off 200 workers instead of planned 200

24.02.15 15:07 | Economy

JSC “Penzadieselmash” will lay off 200 employees instead of 300 planned earlier . According to the head of the Penza regional Ministry of Industry Mikhail Torgashin, the figures were negotiated with and approved by the top management of LLC “Transmashholding,” a superior company to the Penza enterprise.

Health Minister: Drugs not listed as vital increased in price by 10%

24.02.15 14:38 | Society

Retail prices for medicine that are not included in the list of life-saving and essential medicinal products (LLEMP) grew by 10% in the Penza region compared to December 2014, said the regional Minister of Health Vladimir Stryuchkov during a weekly meeting session in the local government on Tuesday, February 24.

Governor instructed Health Minister to hold Penza hospital head physicians shake-up

24.02.15 14:07 | Society

The governor of Penza region Vasily Bochkarev instructed the regional Minister of Health Vladimir Stryuchkov to hold rotation procedures for head physicians of city hospitals in the near future.

Penza region to organize recovery of near-bankrupt businesses

24.02.15 12:01 | Economy

The Penza region will intensify its activities to provide financial recovery to indebted businesses undergoing bankruptcy procedures, the governor Vasily Bochkarev instructed his subordinates.

Penza woman, 84, paid 560,000 for “eternal life vaccine”

24.02.15 11:30 | Incidents

A Penza woman, 84, lost her money to phone scammers who offered her to buy an “eternal life vaccine.”

Vyacheslav Timchenko to curate United Russia branch in Penza

24.02.15 10:32 | Politics

Deputy chairman of the Committee on Regulating and Organizing Parliament Activity under the Federal Council of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Timchenko, acting as a representative of the Kirov region executive power, will curate the Penza office of the United Russia party in 2015.

Penza citizen, 72, lost her money believing to have won 2.5 million

24.02.15 09:54 | Incidents

A Penza citizen, 72, lost 57 thousand rubles in a large-sum lottery scam.

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