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Penza Anti-AIDS foundation spends nearly 2.5 million rubles on target needs last year

09:48 | 24.03.2015 | Society


Penza, 24 March 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza Anti-AIDS civil foundation has spent 2 million 448 thousand rubles on target needs in the year of 2014, announced the foundation president Sergei Oleinik.

“The main expenses: 1 million 451 thousand [rubles] – on distributing AIDS prevention items, such as syringes, needles, napkins and condoms, to people at risk. 775 thousand [rubles] – on salaries (for 6 persons, including contributions). 163,500 rubles (a mere trifle) – for office-related expenses. What is so heroic about it, you ask? Well, nothing, if you forget that this money did not come from the budget of the Penza region. This is the money that had ensured the epidemic security of the regional population for the whole 15 years. Broadly speaking, 2.5 million multiplied by 15 years equals 37.5 million rubles. Now we will have no source to take this money from. And if the authorities of the region, and especially of the larger towns and cities, do not want the situation to collapse completely (and the collapse is already underway), they will have to allocate money from the budget,” Sergei Oleinik wrote in his LiveJournal.

The Anti-AIDS foundation places its principles not on implementing its program and gaining profits.

“The most crucial is whether the work that gets results continues to be done, or not. It does not matter who does it,” the foundation president explained.

According to Sergei Oleinik, when the officials tell him they do not have 2.5 million rubles more in the budget for public AIDS security, he recalls “holiday fireworks, city highway repairs, and people who are at risk of being infected with HIV in 2015.”

“That young cute pregnant lady, a future mother, who I spotted today sitting in queue to a doctor at the AIDS center along with a dozen of other people who fell victims to HIV and bone-headedness, both theirs and somebody else’s. Some aforementioned officials and businessmen who came to know about AIDS on their own or through their relatives. And I think: won’t we ever learn to prioritize things correctly and be governed by scientific facts, not by layman deception, when making decisions? And I get really depressed,” he concluded.

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