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24 March 2015

Penza held inter-regional forum “Russia is our common home”

24.03.15 18:49 | Society

Nearly 500 representatives of different nationalities and religious confessions took part in the inter-regional youth forum “Russia is our common home” that took place at the Penza Lermontov Regional Library on Tuesday, March 24.

Two Penza residents suspected of stealing 40 kg of bronze items

24.03.15 17:41 | Incidents

Two workers, 31 and 43, are suspected of stealing about 40 kg of bronze scrap and items from a company plant on Kirpichnaya Street in Penza.

Criminal proceedings on illegal migrant registration started in Penza region

24.03.15 17:29 | Incidents

The police have filed a criminal case against a Penza region resident on falsified registration of four foreigners.

MTS home Internet access speed in Volga Federal District towns grew by up to five times

24.03.15 17:16 | Society

The home Internet access speed offered by MTS in the Volga Federal District has increased in 2014 for new customers.

Penza governor to feature in “Tsentralnoye Televideniye” NTV show

24.03.15 15:58 | Politics

The Penza region governor Vasily Bochkarev will feature in a TV spot on the show “Tsentralnoye Televideniye” that will be aired on Saturday, March 28.

Federation Council to address Lyubov Glebova’s premature leave on March 25

24.03.15 14:43 | Society

The Federation Council included the issue of early power termination for Lyubov Glebova, representative of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region, in the agenda of the 370th meeting of the upper house of Russian parliament scheduled on Wednesday, March 25.

Penza trackmen among prize winners on Cup of Russia

24.03.15 14:35 | Sport

Artem Mironov and Maxim Tsarapkin from the Penza region were among the winners of the Cup of Russia on field-and-track in Kislovodsk.

Penza region citizen accused of sexually abusing own 5-year-old daughter

24.03.15 10:18 | Incidents

A Penza region citizen, 56, is accused of sexually abusing his own daughter.

Penza police solved murder of woman who disappeared month ago

24.03.15 10:10 | Incidents

A cohabitant of the daughter of a woman, 64, who went missing in Penza city in February 2015, was accused of murdering the woman.

Penza Anti-AIDS foundation spends nearly 2.5 million rubles on target needs last year

24.03.15 09:48 | Society

The Penza Anti-AIDS civil foundation has spent 2 million 448 thousand rubles on target needs in the year of 2014, announced the foundation president Sergei Oleinik.

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