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Penza “Termodom” construction holding honors best workers

15:52 | 27.03.2015 | Society


Penza, 27 March 2015. PenzaNews. LLC “Termodom” has held an awards ceremony for its best workers in 2014 at the company office located in the Penza “Sputnik” neighborhood on Friday, March 27.

Penza “Termodom” construction holding honors best workers

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The 16 most distinguished professionals received honorary certificates, gifts and letters of gratitude for years of hard work and excellence.

The ceremony was attended by Mikhail Novikov, acting Minister of Construction and Urban Amenities in the Penza region, and Viktor Galkin, CEO of non-profit partnership “Union of Penza builders.”

The “Termodom” staff, Mikhail Novikov noted, serves as an example not only for the regional companies, and high praise the company received from Mikhail Men, Russian Minister of Construction and Urban Amenities, during his visit to Penza in September 2014, serves as a proof of it.

“We built 902 sq. meters [of housing] in the region last year, and 94 sq. meters is fruits of work of your team. It is no accident we see that many awards and letters of gratitude today,” said the Penza high-ranking official.

Mikhail Novikov expressed his gratitude to the company workers for their hard labor and wished them to continue getting the best results in the future.

“I know that you have a good ambition to build over 100 thousand sq. meters. We welcome this. The work, I believe, will be grand in size. Let’s work together, from the design up to construction of the whole social unit in the already well-known ‘Sputnik’ neighborhood. Thank you for your hard work,” he said.

In his turn, Viktor Galkin asked the “Termodom” representatives to participate in various competitions more often.

“The team should have the air of good and fun around it, then the work will turn out well, and helping this is what we suggest. In April, we’ll sum up the results of competition ‘Child’s drawing,’ and we’ll also organize an amateur performance festival. You have always been among the first of the 20 organizations, and frequently participated in such events. Once again, congratulations on the festivities. You did an A-class job,” he said.

At the end of the official ceremony, CEO of “Termodom” Rafik Ibragimov said that this year the company will have to deal with several vital tasks.

“We are ready and kicking. Our plans are to build social facilities: another kindergarten for 415 children, the foundation for a school for 1,300 students. This year we’ll probably finish the swimming pool. Moreover, we are planning to build two more enclosures for sports competitions at our own expense,” he said.

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