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27 March 2015

Governor approved Mikhail Budanov as regional PFR department head

27.03.15 18:27 | Society

Vasily Bochkarev, governor of the Penza region, has approved Mikhail Budanov as the head of the Penza region department of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR), vice governor Viktor Rubtsov reported on Friday, March 27.

Prosecutor: “Yukon” construction site on Suvorova Street illegal

27.03.15 16:41 | Society

The company “Yukon” is constructing a building on Suvorova street in Penza in violation of urban and labor law, the prosecutors of the Leninsky district concluded after the audit.

Penza “Termodom” construction holding honors best workers

27.03.15 15:52 | Society

LLC “Termodom” has held an awards ceremony for its best workers in 2014 at the company office located in the Penza “Sputnik” neighborhood on Friday, March 27.

Penza governor suggested reducing his, Legislative Assembly speaker’s salaries by 10%

27.03.15 15:35 | Politics

Vasily Bochkarev, governor of the Penza region, proposed a 10% reduction of salaries for himself and Ivan Belozertsev, chairman of the regional Legislative Assembly and regional secretary of United Russia party.

Kamnev: Zuev’s investigation end coincides with Penza governor’s election campaign start

27.03.15 14:38 | Politics

The end of investigation in the case against Andrei Zuev, deputy of the Penza region Legislative Assembly for the CPRF faction accused of being involved in a gang called “Zuevskiye,” was made to coincide with the beginning of the campaign for the gubernatorial ...

Vasily Bochkarev suggests Chinese build “Penza-City” complex on Sura river embankment

27.03.15 11:39 | Society

The Penza region governor Vasily Bochkarev has proposed a project to convert the Sura river embankment area into an entertainment and business complex under a working title “Penza-City.”

Penza region plans reforestation on over 1,000 hectares

27.03.15 10:48 | Society

The Penza region plans to reforest 1,238 hectares of land during the year of 2015.

Penza boxer to visit international tournament in Anapa

27.03.15 09:59 | Sport

Maxim Makarov, boxing student of the Penza children and youth Olympic reserve sports school, will take part in the international boxing tournament dedicated to the memory of Nikolai Pavlyukov, world-class sports master, that will take place in Anapa from March 29 to April 4.

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