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“Svoe Radio” stops broadcasting in Penza region

12:05 | 01.04.2015 | Society


Penza, 1 April 2015. PenzaNews. “Svoe Radio,” a part of TRBC “Express,” stops broadcasting in the Penza region, the chief editor of the radio station Denis Simonov wrote in his LiveJournal. “The Penza broadcasting network ‘Svoe Radio’ stops broadcasting on all frequencies in the Penza region cities as of today, April 1,” he wrote.

Denis Simonov

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Currently, only online streaming will remain, Denis Simonov added.

“And, sadly, this is not an April Fools joke,” he noted.

Earlier, the media published the news that “Sobytiya Nedeli” [Events of the Week], a weekly news and analysis TV show on “Express” TV channel, has been shut down. Its working group of author and show host Dmitry Inyushkin, camera operator Alexander Zherebtsov and video editor Mikhail Struyev said their goodbye to the show audience last week.

“We have been with you since September 1, 2012, and shared our analysis 124 times, including three times for a whole year. We treated our work like art, we worked diligently, and we enjoyed it. We would rather have it continue further on, but the authorities of ‘Express’ TV channel decided to, begin quote, ‘due to shortage of financing replace ‘Sobytiya Nedeli’ program with ‘Itogi’ [Results] show,’ end quote. We still have no information what this ‘Itogi’ show will be about, because it doesn’t exist yet, but if that will be the case, you will be the ones to judge. Thank you for being with us for these weeks, months and years. Have a nice day, and believe in the future,” Dmitry Inyushkin said.

Based on information provided by public sources, the TRBC “Express” has been in turmoil due to an internal conflict between a some of the staff and the top managers. In particular, a copy of the order by Alexander Orgin, director of “Firma ‘Express’,” titled “On access to the organization grounds” and dated March 27 2015, has been published online last week. According to it, the security staff has been instructed to forbid entry to several persons, including Sergei Yelistratov, former programming director, and Nataliya Ilyina, head of TV show editorial office. The latter has wrote an act registering the fact of denial of entry to her workplace, signed by six workers of TRBC “Express”: journalists Elvira Petrova, Nikita Zherebtsov and Vladimir Tingyaev, video editors Alexander Pivovarov and Andrei Galkin, and TV operator Alexander Zherebtsov.

On Wednesday, April 1, the Twitter account of “Sobytiya Nedeli” TV show has published a message saying a TV show host Natalya Stetsenko has left “Express.” Her name was also included in the order that forbids her entry to the company.

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