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1 April 2015

Public Council proposed Penza Health Ministry to review doctors’ workload norms

01.04.15 18:59 | Society

The Public Council under the Ministry of Health of the Penza region has proposed the authorities to review the workload norms for doctors, said Yuri Orlov, chairman of the Public Council under the regional Ministry of Health.

Penza region resident lost money trying to buy car for 230,000 rubles

01.04.15 17:27 | Incidents

A resident of the Serdobsky area in the Penza region, 26, has become a victim of fraud when trying to buy a car online.

Penza fair near regional government closed

01.04.15 16:57 | Society

The local agricultural fair situated in front of the government of the Penza region has ceased its operation, after months of working made it one of the essential elements of the Lenin square.

“DDT” band visits Penza

01.04.15 16:20 | Culture

The rock band “DDT” and their permanent leader Yuri Shevchuk have arrived to Penza on Wednesday afternoon, April 1, for their grand tour through the Volga Federal District cities.

Radio show host: turmoil in Penza TRBC “Express” tougher than in 2011

01.04.15 14:25 | Society

Olga Krovyakova-Grigoryeva, an “Echo Penzy” radio show host, has commented the news on the decision to stop the broadcasting of “Svoe Radio” station, a part of TRBC “Express.” In her opinion, the present turmoil inside the media group is much toughter than four years ago, when the management had ...

“Svoe Radio” stops broadcasting in Penza region

01.04.15 12:05 | Society

“Svoe Radio,” a part of TRBC “Express,” stops broadcasting in the Penza region, the chief editor of the radio station Denis Simonov wrote in his LiveJournal. “The Penza broadcasting network ‘Svoe Radio’ stops broadcasting on all frequencies in the Penza region cities as of today, April ...

Penza Musical School student wins International guitarist contest

01.04.15 10:31 | Culture

Stanislav Tikhov, student of the Penza Children’s Musical School No. 15, has won the 2nd place of the 10th international festival contest “Tabula Rasa 2015” in Moscow.

Penza citizen sentenced to 15 years in colony for murdering businessman for $228,000

01.04.15 10:27 | Incidents

A Penza citizen, born in 1972, has been sentenced to 15 years in a maximum security colony for murdering a Kaliningrad businessman for profit.

Penza to hold culture and book-reading festival “Glory to Books!”

01.04.15 10:03 | Culture

A culture and book-reading festival “Glory to Books!” will be held in Penza on Thursday, April 2.

Penza region to receive nearly 158 million rubles for SME support

01.04.15 09:55 | Economy

The Penza region will receive about 158 million rubles from the federal budget to support small and medium enterprises.

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