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Penza administration held public hearing on amendments to city development plan

14:52 | 13.04.2015 | Society


Penza, 13 April 2015. PenzaNews. Up to 60 people attended the public hearing on amendment to the development plan of Penza, held in the great hall of the city administration on Monday, April 13.

Penza administration held public hearing on amendments to city development plan

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At the beginning, the audience heard out the report of Lyudmila Ioffe, head of urban planning and design office for the Architecture and Urban Planning Department of the city administration.

The planned changes concern the specification of functional zoning of some territories, based on proposals from individuals and legal entities, she announced.

“The project includes changes that affect borders of territories and zones of cultural heritage protection,” she explained.

According to her, the changes will make the Penza development residential area 2,098 hectares larger.

“The area of residential territory within the boundaries of the current city limits will increase up to 6,283 hectares. In addition by the end of the term, the social development territory within the boundaries of the current city limits will increase to up to 1,483 hectares, at around 28 square meters per person [...]. The areas under industrial enterprises will reach 2,914 hectares, and the areas under municipal and warehouse organizations and enterprises will go up to 1,072 hectares,” she specified.

The development plan amendment will neither have any effect or negative impact on the environment nor create additional risks of natural or anthropogenic disasters, Lyudmila Ioffe noted.

Despite the impressive audience at the hearing, only four people had questions and suggestions on the report.

Viktor Krupnov, chairman of the city Federation of Ski Racing and Biathlon, asked to support the initiative of children and youth sports school No. 4 to allocate a land plot on Raduzhnaya, Malinki and Virazhnaya streets for sports development.

I hisn turn, Dmitry Nizhegorodtsev, an Akhuny village resident, asked if the development plan considers the medicinal mineral water wells.

“In particular, the Kordon Studeny land plot, where the construction of over five and over two floors is planned, falls into the third sanitary zone [...]. Now, the question. Does the city development plan include the sanitary zone of the mineral water well?” Dmitry Nizhegorodtsev asked.

Olga Maksimova, deputy head of city development department, was the person to comment on the issue.

“You are most likely speaking about the district of mountain and sanitary protection. At present, the Penza region Arbitration Court is reviewing legal proceedings associated with the Penza region prosecutor’s office claim against the [Penza] administration based on the fact that the latter does not outline boundaries in the rules of land use and development,” she said.

Also, Vladimir Gonyakin, chairman of the street committee “Degtyarny Zaton,” asked to not provide territory on the first bypass of Dostoevskogo street for individual low-rise buildings construction.

“Our district has green plantations. This is fresh air. And during the past 2-3 years, we cleaned up the area,” he added.

He was advised to make a written request.

As PenzaNews agency reported earlier, originally the amendments were planned for public discussion in autumn 2014. Public hearings were scheduled for November 10. Then, the building of Penza administration gathered more than 40 people, but the hearings were postponed to December 8.

During the preparation for the public hearings, the draft amendments to the development plan of Penza evoked brisk reaction of people. Activists agitated the city residents through the Internet to take an active part in the proceedings to prevent the elimination of green plantations the territory of which is reducing in the city.

After December 8, draft amendments resolution to the development plan of Penza was returned for revision by the city administration. According to the regional prosecutors, the reason was that the project was prepared without regard to the requirements of the Civil Code, guidelines, and lacked substantiation.

Draft finalizing was made only after January 20, 2015, after Yuri Krivov, head of Penza administration, received an official decision to eliminate violations of city development legislation, as well as the causes and conditions that contribute to them.

According to information posted on the city administration website, the revised draft includes the following change in the status of natural and recreational areas: near Surskaya Street, 26; between Barkovka and Akhuny districts (“Prigorodnoe”); Chaadaeva st, 165; Okruzhnaya st, 14;. Okruzhnaya st, 298; Pobedy prospekt, 118B; Lvovskaya st, 240; by Leninsky Leskhoz st; Karpinskogo st, 174; Vtoroy Proezd Sverdlova st, 27; near Akhunovy village (“Dubrava”); Zakharova st, 19; Kirova st, 58A; near Barkovka village (“Iskra-1”); Borodina st, 13; Austrina st, 181 and 204.

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