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Hundred people line up for dacha transportation cards in Penza

12:35 | 01.06.2015 | Society


Penza, 1 June 2015. PenzaNews. A line of nearly 100 people formed up by the building of MUE “Artsis” on Suvorova street in Penza to buy dacha transportation cards under the new “e-wallet” tariff active as of Monday, June 1.

Hundred people line up for dacha transportation cards in Penza

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The hype was caused by the rumors of alleged card replacement program, the director of “Artsis” Yuri Anfalov informed PenzaNews agency.

“Somehow people got an idea we will be swapping the cards. We will not. The new tariff plan means the card will store not rides but money on it and any citizen may change his tariff plan or take the new card and use the new tariff plan,” he said.

According to Yuri Anfalov, the mass line was also caused by “all of them deciding to come on the first day and coming to the conclusion that the card will go empty.”

“The old cards will be working like before, the only new thing is the second tariff plan, but for some reason people decided to prolong them today, on the first day of the month,” the speaker added.

He also noted that the tariff plan will be replacing the old one gradually, and the old transportation card will remain usable until the end of the month if its user paid for June.

“10-15% of the people queued up here have cards eligible for the month of June: they should simply use them,” Yuri Anfalov said.

However, the PenzaNews agency reporter at the location saw no staff member of “Artsis” who would explain the aforementioned details to the ever-increasing crowd outside the building.

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