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1 June 2015

Penza Communists held protest rally against transportation fare increase

01.06.15 20:38 | Politics

Over 100 people took part in the protest rally against the increased fare of Penza public transport. The event organized by the city committee of the Communist Party took place at the Dzerzhinsky public rally in the evening of Monday, June 1.

Two Penza sportsmen won rhythmic gymnastics Grand Prix

01.06.15 16:58 | Sport

The Penza sportswomen Daria Kolobova and Yulia Kosyreva won the Grand Prix in rhythmic gymnastics.

Penza zoo opens doors on Children’s Day after renewal

01.06.15 15:43 | Society

The Penza zoo held a public event dedicated to the end of its repairs on Children’s Day celebrated on June 1.

Nordea Bank closes Penza office

01.06.15 13:58 | Economy

Nordea Bank sent SMS messages to its clients informing them the Penza office of the Samara branch located on Suvorova street, 144b, will be closing down on July 27, 2015.

Hundred people line up for dacha transportation cards in Penza

01.06.15 12:35 | Society

A line of nearly 100 people formed up by the building of MUE “Artsis” on Suvorova street in Penza to buy dacha transportation cards under the new “e-wallet” tariff active as of Monday, June 1.

Criminal case initiated on tree vandalism in “Tri Gvozdiki” public garden

01.06.15 11:42 | Society

A criminal case on attempted illegal tree felling was initiated on tree vandalism in “Tri Gvozdiki” public garden located on Karpinskovo street of Penza city.

Penza Health Ministry head comments on children who got in traffic accident in Mordovia

01.06.15 11:05 | Society

Twelve out of the fifteen children who were in the shuttle bus that ended up in a traffic accident in Mordovia late at night on Saturday, May 30, were brought to Kuznetsk town of the Penza region, Vladimir Stryuchkov, acting regional Minister of Health, reported during the ...

Ivan Belozertsev suggests asking students to help with Penza passenger numbers evaluation

01.06.15 10:48 | Society

Ivan Belozertsev, acting Penza region governor, suggested to enlist the students in evaluating the numbers of passengers of the city buses, trolley buses and marshrutkas.

Victoria, Anton Makarsky have new child

01.06.15 09:58 | Society

The second child was born to the family of Victoria and Anton Makarsky on Sunday, May 31.

Penza public transportation fares increase

01.06.15 09:49 | Society

The public transportation fares in Penza greatly increased on Monday, June 1.

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