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Housing issues discussed in Penza City Duma

18:49 | 10.06.2015 | Society


Penza, 10 June 2015. PenzaNews. The issue of housing provision to beneficiary categories of citizens, including poor people, became one of the main topics at the session of the permanent City Duma commission on education, healthcare, science, culture and social issues held on Wednesday, June 10.

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During the discussion of these issues, the committee chairman Valery Savelyev asked his peers about the quantity of families in need of housing at the present time. Apparently, a total of 5,605 families have already queued up for a new flat in Penza.

In his turn, the deputy Victor Vorobyev pointed out that all the war veterans must be provided separate housing following the federal program, but there are some in dire need of a new flat.

In reply, the deputy head of the city administration Yuri Ilyin explained that a veteran receives a new flat once the house they live in is deemed to be in an emergency state.

Further into the discussion, a deputy Mikhail Shlenchik complained that some people have been waiting in the queue for a new flat for over 50 years to no avail.

As Yuri Ilyin explained, such examples are frequent among the poor families that prefer to feed off the government subsidies.

In conclusion of the debate, Valery Savelyev introduced a suggestion to finally seek out the ways to improve the housing of such families.

“That fact that some families have been waiting for over half a century does no good for us,” the press service of the Penza City Duma quotes the deputy.

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