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10 June 2015

Housing issues discussed in Penza City Duma

10.06.15 18:49 | Society

The issue of housing provision to beneficiary categories of citizens, including poor people, became one of the main topics at the session of the permanent City Duma commission on education, healthcare, science, culture and social issues held on Wednesday, June 10.

Cosmonaut Alexander Samokutyaev met Penza youth

10.06.15 18:15 | Society

Alexander Samokutyaev, Russian cosmonaut and the Hero of Russia, met the youth leaders of the Penza branch for the Russian Geographical Society on the square by the planetarium of the Belinsky central park on Wednesday, June 10.

“Tarkhany” Penza museum director Tamara Melnikova awarded state prize

10.06.15 14:21 | Society

Tamara Melnikova, director of “Tarkhany” Lermontov State Museum-Reserve, received the state prize of Russia for achievements in literature and arts in 2014.

Ildar Akchurin’s family income brought Penza region into Forbes top

10.06.15 13:40 | Politics

The Penza region was included in the Forbes top 15 Russian regions with the largest numbers of state officials and deputies with family income over 20 million rubles based on the 2014 tax declarations.

Yuri Ilyin instructed to complete Stroiteley prospekt sidewalk repairs by week’s end

10.06.15 12:44 | Society

The deputy head of Penza city administration Yuri Ilyin instructed the head of the contractor company to complete the sidewalk repairs on Stroiteley prospekt as soon as possible to finish the works by the end of this week.

Penza region police to seek scooter riders violating traffic laws

10.06.15 11:25 | Society

The Penza region will hold a preventive campaign “Scooter” on Thursday, June 11, in an attempt to prevent possible traffic accidents caused by the aforementioned vehicles.

Penza athlete Nadezhda Bazhina won European platform diving championship

10.06.15 10:39 | Sport

The Penza athlete Nadezhda Bazhina, together with Victor Minibaev from Electrostral, won the team competition of the European platform diving championship that began in Germany on Tuesday, June 9.

Regional Legislative Assembly announces September 13 Penza gubernatorial election date

10.06.15 10:31 | Society

The gubernatorial election in the Penza region were officially scheduled for September 13 during the regular 27th session of the regional Legislative Assembly held on Wednesday, June 10.

Ivan Belozertsev’s office as Penza region Legislative Assembly chairman terminated

10.06.15 10:21 | Politics

The Penza region Legislative Assembly has removed Ivan Belozertsev from his position as the chairman and the deputy of the Assembly’s fifth convocation during its regular 27th session held on Wednesday, June 10.

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