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Ninth class school students celebrate graduation in Penza

16:33 | 19.06.2015 | Society


Penza, 19 June 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza schools are celebrating the graduation of the ninth class students on Friday, June 19.

Ninth class school students celebrate graduation in Penza

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Among other places, the gymnasium No. 4 “Stupeni” held an official event in the performance hall in the main building of the Belinsky Pedagogical Institute of the Penza State University.

In an address to the graduates and their parents, the director of the gymnasium Valeria Vishnenkova thanked them for the patience before the exams and for the results during them.

With their school diplomas, the students now can start their lives as adults, she added.

“Some will use the opportunity to choose their own road, pursue their profession, earn money. Some will try their worth in higher education – a very serious step that places great responsibility on you. And we would like to ask everyone to think well before proceeding on to the tenth class,” Valeria Vishnenkova said.

The school graduates will split in two groups in the evening. One will take part in a job game “Step Towards The Profession” at the Penza college of food industry and commerce, while the other will engage in a pedestrian tour “Penza Historical Center” as part of the students’ project “Tour Guide.”

The schools of Serdobsk, Narovchat and Nizhny Lomov areas of the Penza region are also holding the graduation ceremonies.

The first students to receive their diplomas – on June 10 – were in Zarechny schools, the press service of the Penza region Ministry of Education informed PenzaNews agency.

“The Penza region schools will hold graduation ceremonies until June 27 in 17 schools in the region,” the officials added.

A total of 10,058 ninth class graduate will receive their diplomas in 2015, the ministry clarified.

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