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19 June 2015

Victor Kuvaytsev asks youth council members remain active in summer

19.06.15 18:17 | Society

The Penza city head Victor Kuvaytsev thanked the members of the civil youth council to the City Duma for their frutful work in first half of 2015, and asked them to remain active in summer.

Ivan Belozertsev wins United Russia primaries

19.06.15 17:29 | Politics

The acting governor of the Penza region, secretary of the regional United Russia party branch Ivan Belozertsev has won the United Russia primaries thanks to the support of 2,259 voters, or 97%, the regional calculation committee chairman Ivan Krasnov announced during the reading of the intraparty election results protocol on Friday, ...

Penza region consolidated budget receives some 20 billion rubles

19.06.15 17:25 | Economy

The consolidated budget of the Penza region has received a total of 19,967,045,000 rubles of profits over January-May 2015.

State Duma federal structure committee session scheduled in Zarechny

19.06.15 16:50 | Politics

The Russian Duma committee on federal structure and municipal government plans to hold an external meeting in the city of Zarechny in the Penza region on the following week.

Ninth class school students celebrate graduation in Penza

19.06.15 16:33 | Society

The Penza schools are celebrating the graduation of the ninth class students on Friday, June 19.

Rapist lures 7-year-old girl in his flat with sweets in Penza region

19.06.15 12:18 | Incidents

A Penza region resident, 47, will face a criminal case on suspicion of committing a crime under point B, part 4, Art. 132 of the Criminal Code, titled “Violent Actions of Sexual Character.”

Penza concludes “MRSK Volga” electricians skill competition results

19.06.15 11:57 | Society

The skill competition for the workers of the power system protection department for “MRSK Volga,” a part of “Rosset” group, were concluded in Penza.

Bank Kuznetsky successfully certified as MasterCard chip card issuer

19.06.15 11:28 | Society

The Penza Bank Kuznetsky has been successfully certified as a card issuer of MasterCard, an international payment service, using a new chip-based technology.

Penza region rated comfortable for business

19.06.15 11:02 | Economy

The Penza region took the sixth place in the rating of regions that are comfortable for businesses in the national investment climate rating announced at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

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