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Ivan Belozertsev urges banning state servant affiliated companies from gov procurement

12:43 | 24.08.2015 | Society


Penza, 24 August 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza region authorities must rectify any cases of years-long medicaments procurement procedure manipulation that results in government auctions tailored for specific companies, urged the acting governor Ivan Belozertsev during the regular meeting session of the regional government held on Monday, August 24.

The acting governor Ivan Belozertse

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“Please prepare an analysis for the last three years on the companies [that took part in such auctions] and their affiliations,” the head of the region instructed the acting regional Minister of Health Vladimir Stryuchkov.

The procurement market must be governed by the rules of fair competition, the governor added.

“I repeat: do not tailor [the procurement requirements] under specific companies so that they’d supply people with medicaments for ten years,” Ivan Belozertsev said.

He also instructed his subordinates to research the situation in this field, including medicament prices in specific groups, in other regions of the Volga Federal District.

“You have ten days to complete it,” the acting governor of the Penza region added.

According to him, the authorities must do a similar research in food procurement auctions for hospitals and schools.

The situation where the companies “gear up” for particular auctions and the high-ranking officials “pull them through” is unacceptable, he stressed.

Those officials who will be found involved in creating unequal government procurement situation will receive stern punishment, up to being forced to leave their posts, Ivan Belozertsev pointed out.

“If such a person is involved in the project, and manages the procurement auction, it’ll lead to a swift goodbye, with no honors,” the governor promised.

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