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24 August 2015

Source: Time for Vladimir Stryuchkov should think about future career elsewhere

24.08.15 17:02 | Politics

Vladimir Stryuchkov, acting Minister of Health of the Penza region, must think about his future work opportunities, as the regular meeting session held by the head of the region Ivan Belozertsev on Monday, August 24, has shown the official in question has difficulties in ...

Penza region fraudsters gang who leeched off insurance companies face charges

24.08.15 16:45 | Incidents

A gang of fraudsters who earned their living by profiting off insurance payments for orchestrated traffic accidents for two years in the Penza region has faced charges under Part 4, Art 159 of the Criminal Code, titled “Fraud.”

Penza housing complex “Dvoryansky” residents to be rehoused

24.08.15 16:37 | Society

The owners of apartments in the house on Krasnaya street, 74, commonly known as the housing complex “Dvoryansky” in Penza, were informed they will soon have to be rehoused due to poor technical condition of the apartment building, through letters sent by the urban management company “Komfort.”

Penza sports enthusiasts asked to “voluntarily” donate to school sports center for help

24.08.15 16:12 | Sport

A group of young adult sports enthusiasts who had met with difficulties trying to rent a hall in one of the Penza sports and recreation centers, did find an opening at the center “Chayka” by the school No. 74, but faced a request to make a financial donation ...

Excavation works accident victim’s widow to receive 700,000 from “Vodokanal”

24.08.15 14:50 | Society

The state enterprise “Vodokanal” will reimburse the widow of a passer-by who died in an excavation accident in Kuznetsk town of the Penza region 700,000 rubles as compensation for moral damages, as per the court decision.

Penza Health Ministry asks for 200 million rubles on new information support system

24.08.15 14:17 | Society

The healthcare institutions require a new information support system that needs 200 million rubles to develop, the head of the regional Health Ministry Vladimir Stryuchkov announced during the regular meeting session in the regional government held on Monday, August 24.

Ivan Belozertsev urges banning state servant affiliated companies from gov procurement

24.08.15 12:43 | Society

The Penza region authorities must rectify any cases of years-long medicaments procurement procedure manipulation that results in government auctions tailored for specific companies, urged the acting governor Ivan Belozertsev during the regular meeting session of the regional ...

Penza region grain harvest complete on almost 70% cultivated lands

24.08.15 12:12 | Economy

The grain in the Penza region was successfully harvested on almost 70% of the total local cultivated lands, announced Andrei Persanov, head of Economy and State Agriculture Complex Support Department for the regional Agriculture Ministry, during the regular meeting session in the regional government held on Monday, August 24.

Penza region accepted over 12,500 refugees from Ukraine since early 2014

24.08.15 11:41 | Society

The Penza region has accepted a total of 12,638 Ukrainian citizens, who were forced to leave their country, between January 1, 2014, and August 17, 2015, the regional Labor Ministry head Elena Stolyarova announced during the regular meeting session of the regional government ...

Penza motorcycle racer reaches top at all-Russian championship’s first stage

24.08.15 10:21 | Sport

Ivan Baranov, motorcycle racer of the sports club “Sura,” took the top position at the pedestal of the first stage in the all-Russian motocross championship held on August 21-23 at the Sakhzavod settlement racecourse in the Belinsky area of the Penza region.

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