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Excavation works accident victim’s widow to receive 700,000 from “Vodokanal”

14:50 | 24.08.2015 | Society


Kuznetsk, 24 August 2015. PenzaNews. The state enterprise “Vodokanal” will reimburse the widow of a passer-by who died in an excavation accident in Kuznetsk town of the Penza region 700,000 rubles as compensation for moral damages, as per the court decision.

“The workers of the company held excavation works in early December 2013 and did not cord of the excavation area with signs or special lightning. A man fell into the excavated hole, and died without having any means of getting out,” Yulia Makarova, Senior Assistant Attorney of the region in Media Relations, informed PenzaNews agency.

The excavation work crew head of the enterprise was found guilty in violation of construction work safety regulations that led to death.

“He reimbursed the woman the funeral expenses, as proved by documents,” the speaker said.

According to Yulia Makarova, the court also partially satisfied the demand for moral damages compensation for the widow, placing these expenses on “Vodokanal.”

“The defendant appealed the decision and asked to lower the compensation amount, citing the fact that the victim was drunk at the time of the accident and behaved in a very negligent manner,” she said.

The appealing court did not see this to be the reason to cancel the original decision, Yulia Makarova noted.

“The original decision was left unchanged,” the speaker stressed.

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