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Penza housing complex “Dvoryansky” residents to be rehoused

16:37 | 24.08.2015 | Society


Penza, 24 August 2015. PenzaNews. The owners of apartments in the house on Krasnaya street, 74, commonly known as the housing complex “Dvoryansky” in Penza, were informed they will soon have to be rehoused due to poor technical condition of the apartment building, through letters sent by the urban management company “Komfort.”

Penza housing complex “Dvoryansky” residents to be rehoused

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“We sent the notifications through certified mail to ensure they are received,” the acting general director of “Komfort” Valery Vaskin told PenzaNews agency.

The notices were sent following the request of investigative authorities, he noted.

When he was asked about the facts behind the “condition incompatible with human residence” and “poor technical condition of the apartment building,” as quoted from the letters, Valery Vaskin noted there were no issues with the management of the house in question in the past.

“Everything is working there. There were no issues. It has water, power and gas lines,” the speaker stressed.

At the same time, he mentioned several issues over separate apartments, but explained that their owners directed the complaints to the construction company “ArtStroy” that had the guarantee service obligations.

“The building was complete in 2012. It has 96 flats, but not all are occupied. I think only about 30 apartments have people in them. Some of the rest were not even sold. But some of them were simply bought and left untouched – people just invested in them,” Valery Vaskin said.

The deputy director of “Komfort” also informed that the location was visited by the committee headed by the acting chief of the Penza region State Urban Construction Technical Inspectorate Inna Levchenko.

“The issue is in the absence of the results of construction investigation requested by the investigation committee, as far as I understand. It is not a quick task,” Valery Vaskin noted.

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