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Oleg Sharipkov: Penza “Civil Control” foundation closes due to members’ reduced enthusiasm

15:37 | 17.09.2015 | Society


Penza, 17 September 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza foundation “Civil Control,” originally registered as a non-profit organization in mid-2012 and currently undergoing the liquidation process, ceased to exist as its members lost enthusiasm, the executive director of the Civil Union foundation Oleg Sharipkov suggested during a press conference held on Thursday, September 17, in the PenzaNews press center.

Oleg Sharipkov: Penza “Civil Control” foundation closes due to members’ reduced enthusiasm

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According to him, its closure was brought on further by the ebb of political activity and the lack of resources.

“They opened at the peak. They had enthusiasm, the smartest people. But, you see, civil activity sooner or later asks a very devious question to everybody. Let’s say there is a community of ten men, and we will be catching the aliens. Now, we are catching the aliens, but we all need to eat, to help our families, and so on. And one of us says ‘I’ll be working with you only for an hour, I have two kids – I’ll be working in a factory.’ Next comes the second, the third, the fourth. And the one remaining will have to choose – either he keeps on catching the aliens, or goes to work in a factory as well,” Oleg Sharipkov answered to a journalist.

He added that a non-profit organization appears the moment a person chooses to make civil work his profession.

“Then they all go and register the non-profit – and they are no longer a community but a non-profit organization. And then they have to find some source of salary for this may, as he has nothing to eat, they all work, and he’s all alone,” the Civil Union foundation director clarified.

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