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Kuznetsk apt building fire victims refused new housing

10:08 | 22.09.2015 | Society


Penza, 22 September 2015. PenzaNews. The victims of the fire in the apartment building No. 109 on Sverdlova street in Kuznetsk of the Penza region will not receive new housing.

Kuznetsk apt building fire victims refused new housing

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“We will not provide new housing. We will be recovering the existing one. We must do this for one simple reason: the list of people registered there includes two underage people, whose father was deprived of parental rights over them, and the law says they have rights for a flat in this housing. So we are obligated to restore it. A great lot of work is due,” Vladimir Troshin, first deputy head of Kuznetsk administration, told PenzaNews agency.

The Kuznetsk city budget has provided 8,700,000 rubles for repairs, he added.

“For two weeks a subcontractor cleared the burned roof and the flooring. We removed nearly 300 cubic meters of slag, insulation, rotten wood and flooring. They had to rake it all out. The first we will be doing is restoring the flooring and the fourth floor roof, and drying the building,” the speaker explained.

Following that, the house will be redecorated, Vladimir Troshin stressed.

“The general wiring is intact, nothing broke. Some wiring in the flats is due to be repaired. Nothing difficult – it’s not an atomic submarine, it’s a regular house, capital repairs, nothing unusual to do there. It’s just that the work is hard labor, with a lot to be done manually,” the first vice-mayor explained.

The fire in the apartment building No. 109 on Sverdlova street, located in Kuznetsk of the Penza region, took over the house at night into September 1, 2015.

Based on preliminary data, the fire had been sparked on the fourth floor due to negligence of one of the residents. The emergent firestorm destroyed the roof and the fourth floor, and severely damaged the third floor as well, while the flats on the first and second floors were flooded during the firefight.

As a result, the apartment building was rendered uninhabitable and had been disconnected from gas, power, heat and water lines.

The people who lost their homes were given free two-week stay in a Kuznetsk hotel: however, they currently have to search for a new place to live on their own. While some moved to their relatives, several people – like Nadezhda Protasova and her daughter Maria – chose to stay in their flats and protect their property.

Many fire victims lost their documents, all warm clothing, and money.

The charity campaign aims to gather items and clothing for the people, among whom are 15 children aged 3 months to 12 years; provide them legal and psychological assistance; and help them in any other way.

The list of necessities for the fire victims includes a winter pram, good winter clothing, baby care products, dishes and cups, medicine, and nonperishable foods.

Those who want to help the victims of the fire in Kuznetsk and receive more information about the campaign may reach its organizer, PenzaNews reporter Anna Volkova, by calling +7 (8412) 999-105, +7-927-386-44-76.

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