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“Russian March” held in Penza

16:43 | 04.11.2015 | Society


Penza, 4 November 2015. PenzaNews. Some 30 people took part in “Russian March” that took place on Sura river embankment in Penza on November 4, National Unity Day.

“Russian March” held in Penza

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The rank of people, most of them young men with black-yellow-and-white flags marched from the Druzhby bridge to the Rostok monument, shouting such slogans as “One for all and all for one,” “Russians choose sport,” “Russian means sober,” “Glory to Russia,” “Our power in unity,” and “Us united will never be defeated.”

After arriving at the Rostok monument, they held a public rally featuring a speech of Ilya Antropov, vice-president of the Penza regional civil organization for assistance to public education and exercise of constitutional human rights “Our Right.”

The main issue of the modern Russian society is lack of education and general knowledge, he said, urging the rally participants to actively broaden their horizons and educate themselves.

“We do not need incite passions, we do not need incite crowd emotions by saying it’s all bad here. Every nation deserves the government it has,” the activist said.

Ilya Antropov also welcomed those present to learn more about the civil stance of “Our Right.”

“The authorities must learn how to work with people, how to understand the beliefs of others and propose their beliefs. There must be a debate. This is what we call for,” he concluded.

Moreover, among those who gave speeches at the event were Dmitry Toroptsev, head of the Penza branch for the civil and political movement “Slavic Unity and Rebirth”; and Ruslan Barmakov, general director of “Penzkonditermash” and “Mikroprofil.”

During the public rally, a woman resident of one of the apartment buildings nearby expressed her indignity over the event by going out to the balcony and yelling “Shame!” several times; however, her actions did not elicit any reaction from the activists.

The Russian March is an annual march and public rally campaign held by Russian nationalist organizations and movements in various cities of the RF and the former USSR.

The first ever Russian March was held in 2005, a year after the establishment of November 4 as National Unity Day.

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