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4 November 2015

“Russian March” held in Penza

04.11.15 16:43 | Society

Some 30 people took part in “Russian March” that took place on Sura river embankment in Penza on November 4, National Unity Day.

Penza celebrates National Unity day with march, public rally, open-air concert

04.11.15 12:58 | Society

The celebrations of National Unity Day took place in Penza city center on Wednesday, November 4. Before the beginning of the official events, representative of companies, student, veteran and civil societies, as well as political parties, formed ranks by the Lunacharsky ...

CPRF activist Vladimir Zazerin released after being detained by police

04.11.15 12:09 | Society

Vladimir Zazerin, activist of the Communist Party and the movement “Children of War,” was released after being detained by the police during the Penza public rally on National Unity Day, the head of the CPRF Penza region committee Sergei Padalkin reported in his ...

Alexander Smetanin, Alexander Zhurun, Pavel Plotnikov leave Penza “Diesel”

04.11.15 11:28 | Sport

Three players of the Penza hockey club “Diesel” in the Supreme Hockey League – Alexander Smetanin, Alexander Zhurun and Pavel Plotnikov – have left the team.

150,000 tons granulated sugar produced in Penza region

04.11.15 11:07 | Economy

A total of 150,000 tons of granulated sugar was produced in the Penza region, according to information available on Tuesday, November 3.

Limp Bizkit Penza performance ticket buyers may get another for free

04.11.15 09:53 | Society

The real estate holding “Termodom” has announced a giveaway for every second ticket to the Limp Bizkit performance at Penza’s “Diesel-Arena” that will take place this Saturday, November 7.

Ivan Belozertsev congratulates Penza region citizens with National Unity Day

04.11.15 09:43 | Society

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev has congratulated the residents of the region with National Unity Day celebrated on Wednesday, November 4.

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