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21 “dead” villages to officially disappear in Penza region

14:40 | 19.11.2015 | Society


Penza, 19 November 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza region officials plan to exclude 21 villages from the administrative and territory registry as having been abandoned in practice, with no residents in them. The relevant law draft has been submitted for review on the November 20 regional Legislative Assembly session that will take place on Friday.

According to the notes by Evgeny Troshin, acting deputy chairman of the Penza region government, the villages due for removal, located in 14 municipal areas, lack not just any residents but also production or residential buildings, power, gas or water lines, as well as any roads or other transport communications.

If the law draft is passed, the following villages will disappear off the map: Visly khutor in the Bekovo area; Koshkarovo and Alekseevka in the Belinsky area; Krasnaya, Staraya Petrovka, Lesnoy and Novy Put in the Vadinsky area; Ishimka, Kichkiney and Rubezh in the Gorodische area; Mikhaylovka in the Zemetchino area; Pagravny in the Issa area; Petrovka in the Kolyshley area; Sadovka in the Kuznetsk area; Berezensky Lesozavod in the Kolyshley area; Vorontsovskiye Vyselki in the Mokshansk area; Podgorny in the Pachelma area; Ivanovsky and Maysky in the Serdobsk area; Solyanovka in the Sosnovoborsk area; and Chiush-Kamenka in the Spassk area.

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