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19 November 2015

Some 200 Penza citizens join truckers’ protest against Platon road toll system

19.11.15 16:09 | Society

Some 200 people took part in the long-haul truckers’ protest march against the soon-to-be-introduced Platon road toll system. The protest was held in the Penza Dzerzhinsky public garden on Thursday, November 19.

21 “dead” villages to officially disappear in Penza region

19.11.15 14:40 | Society

The Penza region officials plan to exclude 21 villages from the administrative and territory registry as having been abandoned in practice, with no residents in them. The relevant law draft has been submitted for review on the November 20 regional Legislative Assembly session that will take place on Friday.

Weightlifter Nadezhda Evstiukhina to compete in US-based IWF World Championship

19.11.15 13:07 | Sport

Nadezhda Evstiukhina, athlete from the Penza region sports education center, was included in the finalized list of the Russian athletes that will take part in the 2015 IWF World Weightlifting Championship in Houston, US, on November 20-28.

Penza city center New Year tree carcass to be complete by week’s end

19.11.15 12:54 | Society

The metal carcass of the main New Year tree in Penza city will be complete on Fontannaya square by the end of this week.

Bank Kuznetsky offers bank guarantees to clients

19.11.15 11:54 | Economy

Legal entities and individual businessmen are now able to obtain bank guarantees with Bank Kuznetsky to perform their functions faster and more efficiently.

Penza “Diesel” suffers 10th loss in row as “Dinamo” wins hockey match

19.11.15 11:05 | Sport

The Penza hockey club “Diesel” has suffered its tenth loss in a row in the regular championship of the Supreme Hockey League.

Ivan Belozertsev congratulates Penza region military with Missile Forces and Artillery Day

19.11.15 09:21 | Society

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev has congratulated the military personnel of the Penza region with Russian Missile Forces and Artillery Day celebrated on Thursday, November 19.

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