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Penza researchers to find out if heart can be kept alive outside creature’s body

19:21 | 17.12.2015 | Society


Penza, 17 December 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza pre-clinical research and test center of “Rameev” technopark will hold a series of experiments aimed to keep a heart of a creature alive when removed from its body, announced the center’s head manager Irina Yefimova.

Irina Yefimova, head manager of “Rameev” technopark pre-clinical research and test center

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“Presently, we are holding talks with companies involved in donor organ transplant. And we have the objective to hold a series of tests to see if a heart can be kept working when removed from the body. Based on preliminary plans, these tests will begin in January, and the results will be clear sometime around September,” she said.

The experiments will show the effect of a cardioplegic liquid on extending a heart’s life outside of the body, Irina Yefimova explained.

“We will do experiments on pigs. We will be isolating their organs from the bodies and test them,” she clarified.

According to Irina Yefimova, the center already held over 100 operations on pigs, such as implantation of special materials in bone marrow to see their effectiveness in trauma recovery.

“The objective is to see the usefulness of a material in medicine, in trauma recovery, because trauma recovery procedures take a lot of time. The patient needs to spend a lot of time bedridden. But these materials help reduce the time requirement, as they close the cracks at once, the defects that can be closed also get fixed rather quickly. If all is well, the patient after a joint element replacement is able to walk on the second day, and fully adapts and walks on his own in 3-4 months,” she pointed out.

The pre-clinical research and test center mostly works with implantation technologies, Irina Yefimova added.

“It’s about everything we implant: that covers abdominal surgery, heart surgery, dentistry, urinary tract surgery, neurosurgery and practically any field where implants can be used. Based on surgery results obtained, we can do quite a bit as our equipment allows that,” she stressed.

The staff of the center is only three doctors, every one of them a qualified professional, Irina Yefimova clarified.

She also added that the center soon will receive a shipment of rats and rabbits for certain experiments.

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