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17 December 2015

Penza medical item producers achieve success in import replacement

17.12.15 19:45 | Medicine

The companies of the Penza biomedical cluster “Biomed” successfully work in the import replacement field that became particularly vital in the current economy situation, announced Sergei Yevdokimov, head manager of “MedInzh,” board chairman of the cluster, during the press conference held at ...

Penza researchers to find out if heart can be kept alive outside creature’s body

17.12.15 19:21 | Society

The Penza pre-clinical research and test center of “Rameev” technopark will hold a series of experiments aimed to keep a heart of a creature alive when removed from its body, announced the center’s head manager Irina Yefimova.

Pavel Udalov: Center of Cluster Development helps promote Penza cluster products

17.12.15 18:24 | Economy

The work of the Center of Cluster Development to promote activity of the Penza region clusters, including the biomedical cluster, has proven effective, suggested Mikhail Udalov, head of the Innovation Policy Management Department in the regional Industry Ministry, during the ...

Vladlen Bazylev: “MedInzh” cutting-edge production proves high-quality status

17.12.15 17:35 | Medicine

The cutting-edge medical items produced by specialists of the Penza “MedInzh” can compete with foreign alternatives as they proved their high-quality status and are sold at affordable prices, suggested Vladlen Bazylev, chief medical officer of the federal ...

Pig with Penza prototype coronary stent soon returning to farm

17.12.15 16:25 | Society

The pig that underwent an experimental operation to implant a prototype a coronary stent graft in aorta in Penza nearly a week ago potentially will be returning back to the farm from the “Rameev” technopark pre-clinical research and test center as soon as on Monday, December 21, announced Irina Yefimova, head manager of ...

Penza researchers develop heart valve implantable without cardioplegia

17.12.15 15:33 | Medicine

The enterprises of the Penza biomedical cluster “Biomed” have developed a new transcatheter heart valve, announced head manager of “MedInzh,” board chairman of the cluster Sergei Yevdokimov during the press conference at “Rameev” ...

Penza-made heart valves cover 60% demand among Russian heart surgeons

17.12.15 14:44 | Medicine

The heart valves produced in Penza cover 60% of demand of Russian heart surgeons, announced Sergei Yevdokimov, head manager of “MedInzh” board chairman of the Penza cluster “Biomed,” during a conference at “Rameev” technopark held on Thursday, December 17.

Vladimir Putin answers Penza journalist’s question with joke and truth

17.12.15 14:34 | Society

The Russian President Vladimir Putin answered the question by Yulia Izmaylova, editor-in-chief of the Penza newspaper “Molodoy Leninets,” during the big presidential press conference on Thursday, December 17, and found it amusing that a representative of a ...

Sergei Kozlov takes part in Volga Federal District EMERCOM board session

17.12.15 11:01 | Society

Internal Services Major General Sergei Kozlov, head of the Penza region EMERCOM department, has taken part in an external meeting of the EMERCOM board of the Volga Federal District held in Kirov.

“Magnit” chain stores to offer more Penza-made beer

17.12.15 10:40 | Society

The plans to increase availability of goods made by Penza breweries in “Magnit” chain stores became the main topic of the meeting that took place in the regional Agriculture Ministry on Wednesday, December 16.

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