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Penza region again placed among regions with maximum stability

09:29 | 13.01.2016 | Society


Penza, 13 January 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza region was named one of the 10 regions with maximum social and political stability in the December rating by “Petersburg Politics” foundation.

Penza region again placed among regions with maximum stability

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The aforementioned group includes the Russian constituent territories with at or above 8 points: Tatarstan, the Kemerovo, Belgorod, Tyumen, Tambov and Leningrad regions, the Yamalo-Nenetsk autonomous region, Sakha, the Chukotka autonomous region, and the Penza region which finishes the group roster.

In addition, 18 regions showed high stability, 18 more demonstrated average stability, 25 rated as having lowered stability, and 12 as with poor stability.

The Penza region’s standing in the rating was positively affected by the meeting between the governor Ivan Belozertsev and the general director of “EcoInvest” Vyacheslav Garin, during which they discussed the details of construction of a cement factory in the Nikolsk area, such as credit provisions.

In addition, the analysts praised the news about X5 Retail Group planning to construct a distribution center in the Penza region and increase the number of local “Pyatherochka” and “Perekrestok” retail stores.

Also, the experts took notice of the request of the Penza region for a grant to move citizens from dilapidated housing that was approved by the Communal Services Reform Assistance Fund.

Moreover, they praised the introduction of capital repairs deduction for pensioners, and the 8-positions leap by Ivan Belozertsev in the gubernatorial effectiveness rating by the Civil Society Development Foundation.

Among the negative events that affected the standing were the house arrest of the Penza area administration head Nikolai Pashkov, the criminal case on fraud against Alexander Pashkov, former Penza mayor and ex-deputy chairman of the regional government, and the opening of the “Stalin Center” in the regional CPRF committee building.

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