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Penza court case against social activist Yuri Ushakov terminated

11:40 | 04.02.2016 | Society


Penza, 4 February 2016. PenzaNews. The case against Yuri Ushakov, civil activist, expert in communal affairs, and his son Alexander, who had been arrested on January 26 for drunk and disorderly behavior, has been terminated due to absence of the event of administrative violation, announced Oleg Lipatov, deputy chairman of the Leninsky city area court, who had been reviewing the case.

Penza court case against social activist Yuri Ushakov terminated

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During the court session on Thursday, February 4, the court questioned three police officers who had brought the two men from the Furmanova street police checkpoint to the police station and drawn up the report on the incident.

All of them testified that father and son Ushakov had been under the influence in the evening, with the son being more drunk than the father, but they behaved in an adequate and calm manner, and the police officers had nothing to hold against that.

However, the law enforcement officers struggled to answer the judge’s question about the reasons for arrest, saying they were not present during the arrest itself.

The policeman who had been on duty during the night that father and son Ushakov spent in police ward also said he had nothing to hold against their behavior.

In turn, street cleaner Alexei Burov, who was witness to the arrest, admitted that he visited the police checkpoint after the incident. Earlier, Yuri Ushakov made several statements about that, and added that Lieutenant Alexei Utkin gave the street cleaner “25 rubles for a cold one.”

Originally, the man said he had not been to the police check point at that night; however, he changed his statement several seconds later.

“Oh, yeah, that’s right. I came inside on my own, told them I finished the work,” he explained, adding that he had been cleaning snow by the Sberbank office.

As the street cleaner clarified, his attention was attracted by two men who were drunk. After the judge asked him abotu the reasons why he thought they were drunk, Alexei Burov told him they were swearing and thus demonstrated inadequate behavior.

In addition, the judge asked if the father and son interfered with passers-by or were scorned by anyone, to which he was answered in the negative.

“Then what is their inadequate behavior for you?” Oleg Lipatov asked.

Confused by the question, Alexei Burov said he was unable to explain that.

Further into the court session, father and son Ushakov said they disagree with the statement by the street cleaner as they were in an entirely different location.

In his address to the court, Yuri Ushakov claimed that “statements by the witnesses are false” and that both the father and the son plead not guilty.

Moreover, the senior citizen presented a medical certificate stating he is affected by a serious musculoskeletal disability that can make him look like he staggers when walking, particularly on a slippery street.

In conclusion of the session, the judge said the court statement can be appealed within 10 days.

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