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Communists set up field kitchen, public patriotic song contest in Penza city center

15:39 | 23.02.2016 | Society


Penza, 23 February 2016. PenzaNews. The CPRF regional committee and “Komsomolskaya Pravda” newspaper held a festive event on Moskovskaya street in Penza city with field kitchen and a patriotic song contest for the citizens.

Communists set up field kitchen, public patriotic song contest in Penza city center

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Moreover, the party activists set up a cube-shaped information stand, with each of its outfacing sides describing a certain activity of the Communist Party.

“On this day, we remember the successes of our splendid army, honor the fallen, and express our hopes that our country will remain unbroken, undefeated by any foes, as long as we have the true defenders of the Fatherland with us,” noted Georgy Kamnev, deputy of the Penza region Legislative Aseembly, first secretary of the regional CPRF committee.

Answering the question by the PenzaNews agency reporter about the reason why they chose “The Penitence” monument, which honors the victims of political repressions, as the area for the event, he explained that it “was decided by the administration.”

“We wanted a location in the city center, so they chose this place for us. […] If it’s here, it’s here, what can we do,” he noted.

Right from the beginning, the festive event attracted great attention from passers-by – both middle- and senior-age people, as well as young men and women.

Some of them stopped by the cube-shaped stand to examine the information, others watched people singing the songs they know well from the childhood, while many people were filming the event on their phones.

Moreover, passers-by spent quite some time by the field kitchen to sample a filling of boiled buckwheat – which turned out to be very popular among the visitors, as the event began at lunchtime.

Those who sang the songs particularly well could receive a souvenir of the day – a “Russian Army” individual food ration or a flask.

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