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23 February 2016

Communists set up field kitchen, public patriotic song contest in Penza city center

23.02.16 15:39 | Society

The CPRF regional committee and “Komsomolskaya Pravda” newspaper held a festive event on Moskovskaya street in Penza city with field kitchen and a patriotic song contest for the citizens.

All 6-10 kV power lines repaired in Penza region after freak wind

23.02.16 14:55 | Society

The repair crews of the local “MRSK Volga” branch – “Penzaenergo” (Rosset group) repaired all power lines in the Penza and Bessonovka areas damaged by freak wind after the weather suddenly worsened in the night into Tuesday, February 23.

Flowers, wreaths laid to Pobedy prospekt monument in solemn Penza ceremony

23.02.16 14:43 | Society

A flower- and wreath-laying ceremony was held at the Penza Military and Labor Valor Monument on Pobedy prospekt on Defender’s Day, February 23.

Penza Communists celebrate Soviet Army Day with public rally on Sura embankment

23.02.16 14:07 | Politics

Over 80 members and supporters of the CPRF took part in the public rally dedicated to the Soviet Army and Fleet Day on Tuesday, February 23, held by the Rostok monument on the Sura river embankment in Penza.

LDPR February 23 Penza public rally numbers go down greatly

23.02.16 12:33 | Politics

Approximately 40 people took part in the LDPR public rally held by the former Penza film theater “Rodina” on Tuesday, February 23, under the motto “For Russian World! For Russian Troops!” This is 8 times less than a year ago, when the previous public rally on the same date had gathered over 300 people .

Ivan Belozertsev congratulates citizens with Defender’s Day

23.02.16 10:53 | Society

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev has congratulated the veterans of the Second World War and the Armed Forces, soldiers of the Russian Army and Fleet with Defender’s Day celebrated on Tuesday, February 23.

Repair crews restore power supply to several villages near Penza after high winds

23.02.16 10:40 | Society

Crews of emergency repair electricians of the local “MRSK Volga” branch – “Penzaenergo” (Rosset group) are in the process of restoring power supply to several communities of the Penza and Bessonovka areas of the Penza region after the weather ...

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