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Mikhail Panyukhin: Penza region ready to endure spring flood

10:25 | 29.02.2016 | Society


Penza, 29 February 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza region has taken all the necessary measures to survive the spring flood without any incident, announced Mikhail Pantyukhin, head of the regional Communal Affairs and Civil Protection, during the regional government meeting session on Monday, February 29.

Mikhail Panyukhin: Penza region ready to endure spring flood

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He explained that currently the officials have developed in full the necessary documentation and confirmed the members of the spring flood prevention committee.

“The Penza region budget has allocated 1 million rubles for preparation of spring flood prevention measures,” clarified the head of the Communal Affairs Department.

According to him, all government bodies and administrations that can be affected by the spring flood are ready to meet it.

In addition, as Mikhail Panyukhin, regional officials did a large amount of job to make sure all of the 780 water control structures in the region have been prepared.

“Out of the unposessed objects, only 22 out of 402 remained with no owners, and 11 of them will be demolished as nonexistent structures that pose no threat,” the official said in his report.

In the nearest future, experts will inspect hydraulic structures before the spring flood and establish the possible locations for local flooding.

Moreover, Mikhail Panyukhin said, the officials together with medical and social services will take it to organize monitoring for the people, particularly pensioners, underage children and pregnant women, and set up secure areas for evacuating cattle.

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