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29 February 2016

Penza city head congratulates PenzaNews staff with 8-year media registration anniversary

29.02.16 16:01 | Society

The Penza city head Valery Savelyev has personally congratulated the PenzaNews staff with 8 years of their official media registration.

Penza region woman gives away 30,000 rubles to scammer posing as Drug Control officer

29.02.16 15:12 | Crime

A woman living in the Kolyshley area of the Penza region, 54, lost 30,000 rubles to a scammer in an attempt to save her relative from alleged criminal liability.

Penza region Veterinary Department head receives severe reprimand

29.02.16 13:50 | Economy

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev has issued a severe reprimand to Mikhail Maximov, head of the Veterinary Deparmtent, chief state veterinary inspector of the region, due to the current African swine fever situation.

Penza region agricultural machines 90% ready to begin sowing season

29.02.16 13:15 | Agriculture

The Penza region agricultural machine park is 90% ready to begin the sowing season, announced Andrei Burlakov, acting deputy chairman of the Penza region, acting regional Minister of Agriculture, during the regional government meeting session on Monday, February 29.

Street TV screens to remind Penza citizens pay debts

29.02.16 11:25 | Society

The street TV service 1 Street TV began broadcasting socially-oriented short clips that remind Penza citizens to pay their debts.

Penza “Dizelist” defeats “SKA-Varyagi,” 6:3

29.02.16 11:07 | Sport

The Penza “Dizelist” has defeated the St. Petersburg region “SKA-Varyagi” in the Youth Hockey League competition home match, 6:3. The game took place on Saturday, February 28.

Mikhail Panyukhin: Penza region ready to endure spring flood

29.02.16 10:25 | Society

The Penza region has taken all the necessary measures to survive the spring flood without any incident, announced Mikhail Pantyukhin, head of the regional Communal Affairs and Civil Protection, during the regional government meeting session on Monday, February 29.

Ivan Belozertsev: Penza must be put into shape by April 20

29.02.16 09:51 | Communal Services

The main improvement measures for Penza streets after the winter season must be complete by April 20, said the Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev.

Penza to increase snow removal measures

29.02.16 09:32 | Communal Services

The Penza officials will be increasing the snow removal measures in the nearest future, in accordance with the instructions by the Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev.

New Penza Encyclopedia begins accepting articles

29.02.16 09:22 | Society

The citizens of the region are now able to contribute to the second issue of the Penza Encyclopedia.

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