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Court bailiffs take 52,000 rubles from “Penza-Press,” impound “VPenze.ru” property for fine

18:00 | 23.05.2016 | Society


Penza, 23 May 2016. PenzaNews. The court bailiffs have impounded the property of “VPenze.ru,” which lost a copyright infringement lawsuit against “VolgaInterMedia” over improper use of two PenzaNews photos, and received 52,000 rubles from the management of “Penza-Press” under a similar case over improper use of one PenzaNews photo.

Court bailiffs take 52,000 rubles from “Penza-Press,” impound “VPenze.ru” property for fine

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In the afternoon of Monday, May 23, the court bailiffs visited the offices rented by the organizations in Penza on Plekhanova street, 34, and presented Ilmira Musautova, director of both “VPenze.ru” and “Penza-Press,” notices of enforcement proceedings against the debtors.

Ilmira Musautova stated that all property is owned by “Penza-Press,” while “VPenze.ru” has only a business account where, according to her, “scrap money arrive” to be immediately withdrawn to other parties.

After the bailiffs explained the means used to recover the debt funds, including through taking them from the cash register of the organization, the director agreed to fully pay out the debt under the “Penza-Press” lawsuit on the spot.

“VPenze.ru” company

The money in question will be deposited to the account of the Leninsky area court to later be transferred to the complainant, the court bailiff of the Leninsky area court bailiffs department in the Penza region Inna Negoda informed PenzaNews.

“We also impounded 6,000 rubles worth of property in ‘VPenze.ru’,” she clarified; according to her, these are office tables and chairs, two phones, and three drawers, “and there was no other property.”

“The debtor is given 10 days to convert the property into money on their own accord. If they bring the money, we recover the property back,” Inna Negoda explained.

The company management plans to pay out the debt through the funds transferred to the business account of “VPenze.ru,” she pointed out.

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