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23 May 2016

Young woman hospitalized after road crossing pedestrian accident involving off-road car

23.05.16 21:35 | Incidents

A SsangYong off-roader has hit a young woman when she was crossing a street in the Penza city center on Kirova street.

Court bailiffs take 52,000 rubles from “Penza-Press,” impound “VPenze.ru” property for fine

23.05.16 18:00 | Society

The court bailiffs have impounded the property of “ VPenze.ru ,” which lost a copyright infringement lawsuit against “VolgaInterMedia” over improper use of two PenzaNews photos, and received 52,000 rubles from the management of “ Penza-Press ...

Nizhny Lomov area woman transfers 85,000 rubles to scammer

23.05.16 16:30 | Crime

A 46-year-old woman living in the Nizhny Lomov area of the Penza region ahs transferred 85,000 rubles to a scammer posing as a bank security officer in an attempt to save her bank account from a hacker.

Penza region budget receives more money from alcohol sales

23.05.16 11:40 | Economy

The Penza region budget has experienced an increase in income from excise duties on alcohol sales in the first four months of 2016 year-to-year, announced the regional Minister of Finances Lyubov Finogeeva during the meeting in the regional government on Monday, May 23.

Rosselkhozbank decreases loan interest for family farms

23.05.16 10:39 | Agriculture

The Penza region citizens with family household farms are now able to make use of a special Rosselkhozbank offer that provides loans at decreased interest as part of their agriculture SME support program.

Ivan Belozertsev calls Penza enterprise support measures insufficient

23.05.16 09:03 | Economy

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev reproached the head of the regional Industry Ministry Mikhail Torgashin for exhibiting an overly formal approach to supporting local industries.

Over 28,000 rubles donated to “House of Veronika” during Jazz May festival in Penza

23.05.16 08:54 | Society

The visitors of the 6th Jazz May music festival in Penza donated a total of 28,820 rubles for the construction of “House of Veronika.”

Hungry pelican swallows pigeon in Penza

23.05.16 08:43 | Society

A pelican in the Penza zoo has attacked and eaten a pigeon that attempted to steal his food.

Penza governor demands strict control over asphalt road repairs

23.05.16 08:24 | Society

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev demanded the relevant state institutions and bodies to begin strict supervision over the quality of road repairs to eliminate any cases of poor-quality work by subcontractors.

United Russia party primaries turnout reaches 10.77% in Penza region

23.05.16 08:16 | Politics

The turnout during the United Russia party primaries before the State Duma election reached 10.77% in the Penza region.

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